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Our Process: Service First

The cornerstone of our planning services is a holistic, consultative process accented with a profound belief in serving clients’ interest first. Our approach guides you through discovery of important components that form the basis of your financial plan. We then educate you on alternative techniques and strategies to integrate your objectives with your ultimate goals. We then collaborate with your other advisors, monitor and manage the results.

Successful wealth management is time intensive and involves a great deal more than growing your investments or planning your estate. At Continuum Financial Partners we actively engage our clients to Plan, Protect, and Preserve the work of a lifetime so that they may Prosper. Here is how we deliver our Comprehensive Fee-Based Advisory Services and Wealth Management Services.

Step 1. Evaluate

Our first step consists of data collection and clear development of your objectives. During this phase we conduct a holistic audit of your current estate, investments situation and analyze your cash flow and tax strategies. Most importantly, we work with you to fully understand and develop your vision, values & goals for yourself, your family, and your business (if applicable).

Step 2. Explorel

*Monte Carlo Simulations"IMPORTANT: The projections or other information generated by the Monte Carlo simulations and other calculators, regarding the likelihood of various investment distribution outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results."

Step 3. Execute

At this stage, we prioritize the agreed upon recommendations into an action step inventory. The highest priority items GET DONE FIRST! We have a bias towards action by holding status updates with our clients every 30 days during the execution phase.

The types of things accomplished at this stage may be: adopting an investment policy statement, rebalancing investments, enhancing portfolios, implementing legacy and estate planning, tax planning, and business exit/succession strategies.

We consider the timing of important life changes such as retirement dates, the sale of your business, geographic relocation, etc. When appropriate, we coordinate with the rest of your legal and financial team to implement the personal wealth management plan.

Step 4. Evolve

This is a critical part of the process – and where most wealth plans fail. Because of the numerous changes in the market, legislation, tax laws, your family needs and other changing factors - once your plan is implemented, we offer planning update services to help ensure that your plan remains current

Once we have developed and implemented your comprehensive financial consultation, we work with you to monitor your process and update you on the results. We’re strong believers in keeping clients informed. We provide customized quarterly investment advisory reports, a formal annual wealth management review.

In addition, clients receive timely market updates, our Market Muse periodic newsletter and email updates. For more information about our strategic wealth management services, or to speak with one of our consultants, contact us at 1-866-626-6207 or filling out our contact form, by clicking here.

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