Investment Advisory

Investment Management Advisory

Investment Management in California

A prudent, proactive approach to managing your investment assets

We provide fee-based advisory services for select individuals, institutions, foundations and endowments. Our proactive investment discipline not only enables us, with discretion, to position your portfolio for long-term growth, but also enables us to shift quickly to a preservation strategy during uncertain economic times such as the one we recently experienced.

Strategic/tactical investment management

Tax-efficient and tax-free income portfolios

Cash management

Preservation portfolios

Alternative investment strategies

Successful wealth management is time intensive and involves a great deal more than growing your investments or planning your estate. At Continuum Financial Partners we actively engage our clients to Plan, Protect, and Preserve the work of a lifetime so that they may Prosper. Here is how we deliver our Comprehensive Wealth Manager and Wealth Management Services.

Our Investment Philosophy

Continuum Financial Partners offers access to low cost fee-based advisory services which seeks to achieve substantial risk-adjusted, after-tax returns coordinated with your individual objectives. We carefully plan, prepare, manage, and monitor your investment portfolio according to your wealth objectives, and do so in a way that is objective, tax-efficient, and risk cognizant. Our advice is independent. We use no proprietary investments.

Our Approach to Portfolio Design

Our Northern California based financial advisory group has found that identifying, selecting and managing specialist money managers helps to deliver consistent performance. We call this “managing the managers.” Our experience has been that financial markets each have their own unique style — they move up or down in differing patterns and they react differently to market news.

Money managers who have crafted investment strategies have the experience necessary to tactically modify their investment thesis as conditions change. They not only know where to seek opportunity but how to anticipate favorable and unfavorable changes. When this focus is applied to a portfolio with a carefully designed asset allocation, it may produce more consistent results.

We implement portfolio design through the use of separately managed accounts (SMA), in addition to a Unified Managed Account (UMA) solution. The UMA allows your portfolio to be constructed using a dynamic asset allocation strategy that may incorporate institutional-quality money managers, institutional mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds ( ETFs). Whatever your financial objectives are, your assets will be professionally managed to help you achieve your goals. We bring institutional quality money management services to a wider range of investors.

Your Customized Investment Policy

We believe that a written Investment Policy, based upon a client’s risk tolerance and time horizon, is the key to long-term success. We work closely with you to draft an Investment Policy that reflects your individual goals, tolerances and circumstances. Your Investment Policy provides accountability and direction for your investment assets and states your return objectives, income objectives, tax brackets, desired wealth transfer balances, liquidity requirements, risk tolerance, investment constraints, investment process, and review procedures. We draft Investment Policies for individual clients, foundations, pension plans, and trusts.

Your Investment Advisory Firm is Accountable to You

We expect you to hold us accountable for our performance, and we give you the tools to do so. Transparency of fees. We explain our fees in detail, up front. You will know exactly how we will be compensated for our services.

Detailed reporting. Each quarter, we provide a detailed performance report, enabling both of us to evaluate the results relative to your stated objectives.

Portfolio monitoring. We monitor your accounts regularly to ensure that your portfolios are secure and consistent with your goals.

In addition, clients receive timely market updates, our Market Muse periodic newsletter and email updates. For more information about our strategic wealth management services, or to speak with one of our consultants, contact us at 1-866-626-6207 or filling out our contact form, by clicking here.