Estate Planning

Have You Considered what Will Happen After You’re Gone?

You've worked hard your whole life to achieve your goals and provide for your family. Sadly, that work can be all for not if you fail to plan for life's inevitability. Maybe you find it too morbid to discuss your mortality or perhaps you don’t think you’re wealthy enough to have to worry about estate and gift taxes. No matter what your thought process, failing to plan the transfer of your wealth to your beneficiaries is a big mistake.

A properly structured estate and trust plan not only impacts the futures of your beneficiaries, it provides peace of mind that your spouse, children and business are taken care of after you’re gone. At Continuum Financial Partners, we can assist with the orderly transfer of your assets. You can expect security for your surviving spouse, and even a decrease in tax on business and asset transfers. Our estate planning San Francisco professionals are focused on assuring a smooth transition for your assets and business affairs, and successful succession of ownership.

December 17, 2010 - What Have You Done Since Then?

Did you know everybody has a gift and estate-tax exemption of up to $5 million this year and next? For people who died after December 31, 2010, any unused portion of that can now be passed by the estate to the surviving spouse (referred to as portability), according to tax legislation enacted by Congress in December. Before this law, couples set up specialized trusts and had to be sure their assets were divided up in a certain way. This new legislation makes for some exciting years for wealthy individuals currently planning their estates. However, the act's temporary nature means you have to act fast. While experts and the general public alike have offered predictions for how the Obama administration and Congress will manage the federal estate tax after 2012, nobody can make forecasts with 100% confidence.

Are You Taking Advantage of Annual Gift Tax Strategies?

One strategy to preserve portability, if it expires, is to give the unused exemption amount away as a gift before 2013. Gifting is one of the most basic and inexpensive strategies for saving on estate taxes and helping your loved ones. If you can afford to make gifts you should consider starting a gifting program. After all, anything you don't gift to families or charity during your lifetime may be subject to estate tax.

Have You Met With a Wealth Manager?

Time waits for nobody, so don't just sit there. Discuss your California estate planning objectives, concerns and fears with the wealth managers at Continuum Financial Partners. Together, we can develop a plan, customized to your unique financial situation and needs. Our estate planning services team can help you with:

Estate Planning Trusts and Estate Administration

Estate and Trust Settlement Guidance

Estate Planning Document Review

Trust Planning and Implementation

Business Succession Planning

Charitable Gift Planning

Asset Protection Planning

General Tax Consulting and Planning

Federal and State Fiduciary Income Tax Preparation

Federal and State Estate and Gift Tax Preparation and Projections

Post Mortem Tax Planning

Preparation of Court Accountings

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